Check out this awesome blog I found!

22 11 2009

If you can’t decide what you should get someone for Christmas, Birthday or whatever, you should check out this blog I found. You can even email and she will write you a customized response. It’s even free, wow!!! has all your gift answers!


18 months

24 03 2009

Maya, 18 months.

More here.

Gaisford Boys Portrait Session

28 01 2009

On Saturday our friends the Gaisfords brought the boys over to do some portraits. The boys are super cute so it made my job super easy! Jeff and Sara, I hope you enjoy!

Click on the image to check out the slideshow!



Ho ho ho

28 12 2008

Click here to see Maya ho ho ho’ing!


In a big girl bed

16 10 2008

Steph tells me that lately Maya loves to sit on Zach’s bed and just sit there and play in the blankets. Since she liked it so much, we decided to put up the toddler bed tonight to see what she thought.

We got everything set up and when she realized that this was her very own bed, she was super excited and climbed right in to check it out. She loved sitting on it, standing on it, getting down from it, climbing up onto it and laying her head on it. So far, so good!

Of course getting her to go to sleep on it and stay in it is another story. To our surprise, Steph rocked her to sleep and laid her down in her new bed. She opened her eyes, then shut them again and has been out like a light ever since.

I snapped this shot of her asleep just a bit ago. What a sweetie!

First Steps

22 09 2008

Our little Maya girl is officially walking around as she pleases. Maya has been standing up on her own for a while now and has a very controlled standup and sit down. We knew that once she discovered she could just take a few steps, it would be all over. Saturday it finally all clicked!

She still crawls a lot faster than she walks but I’m sure that won’t last for long. It took her one year and six days to start walking.

Mangum Family Portraits

9 09 2008

I got to hang out with the Mangums one morning to do some family portraits. Check out the slideshow here!

You can click on the little grid icon in the lower right hand corner of the player to see each image in a gallery.

I’ll have all of the images burned onto a disc for you on Saturday. See you soon!